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Oticon OPN

Are you ready to hear the world with better clarity?
Oticon Opn hearing aids are the first hearing aid of its kind to work in harmony with the brain for ultimate hearing retention. Through the connection, users are able to hear better with less effort, remembering more of what was said. It’s hearing the world with better clarity.

To date, the Oticon Opn community is 1-million strong, with people everywhere saying yes to a new quality of hearing today. Through these new-age hearing solutions, wearers are able to experience better listening experiences, multi-speaker functionalities, and noise reduction in noisy environments.
Oticon Opn Brain
The first hearing aid device that revolves around you.
Oticon Soundscape
If you’re someone living with hearing impairment, you know the daily struggles of functioning with hearing at a fraction of those around you. Old hearing aids placed emphasis on reducing other sound signals, which left you with a narrowed listening experience. Leaning in and trying your best to understand what you were hearing, it left you annoyed and frustrated by the end of the day.

With Oticon Opn, however, this groundbreaking technology processes and analyzes the dynamic audio hitting it, able to differentiate between speech and noise. Working to reduce the noise transmission while honing in on speech, you can now access multiple speakers simultaneously without the hearing strain.
Better Technology - A Faster Chip
When you’re in a complex listening environment, it’s often hard to follow conversations. Finally there’s a
hearing device that solves that problem. Oticon Opn™ features a revolutionary microchip that processes
sound exceptionally fast and gives you access to all the sounds around you. It separates speech
from noise, and allows you to focus on what you want to hear. Scientific research shows that the chip
inside Oticon Opn offers 30% better speech understanding* for a more natural hearing experience.

Oticon Opn Models

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